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This military officer and explorer, who became the first candidate for President nominated by the Republican Party, is born in Savannah, GA.January 21
This Jane Austen novel centered on the character of Elizabeth Bennett, is published.January 28
This US President is sworn in for his second term.March 4
This missionary and explorer, credited with the discovery of Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi, is born in Blantyre, Scotland.March 19
This lithographer of holiday prints and landscapes, the artistic partner of businessman James Ives, is born in Roxbury, MA.March 27
This Illinois Senator, known for his 1858 debates with Abraham Lincoln, is born in Brandon, VT.April 23
This philosopher, known for the concept of 'Truth as Subjectivity' is born in Copenhagen, Denmark.May 5
This composer, known for his four-opera 'Ring' cycle, is born in Leipzig, Germany.May 22
This clergyman and abolitionist, whose life was chronicled in the 2007 Pulitzer Prize winning biography 'The Most Famous Man in America,' is born in Litchfield, CT.June 24
This Native American leader of the Shawnee, whose namesake war with the United States featured the Battle of Tippecanoe, dies in modern-day Chatham-Kent, CanadaOctober 5
This opera composer, best known for 'Aida', is born in Le Roncole, Italy.October 10

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