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This Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, who later became known for the concept of judicial review, is appointed.January 31
This 'Younger' two-time Prime Minister, who engineered the Acts of Union and led Great Britain to war against France, resigns from his first term.February 4
This American Founding Father is inaugurated as the nation's 3rd President.March 4
This Russian Tsar, who would lead his nation during the Napoleonic Wars, takes the throne.March 23
This Mormon leader and first Governor of the Utah Territory is born in Whittingham, VT.June 1
This general, whose name has become synonymous with 'traitor' dies in London, UK.June 14
This admiral, who would 'Damn the torpedos', is born in Campbell's Station, TN.July 5
This publisher, who created a series of tourist guidebooks, is born in Essen, Prussia.November 3

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