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Drugs that stimulate neural activity, causes speeded-up body functions
Social interaction in which one person suggests to another that certain perceptions, feelings, etc. will occur
Relatively slow brain waves when one is awake
Awareness of ourselves and environment
Non-rapid eye movement sleep
Remembered storyline of a dream
Sequence of images, emotions, & thoughts passing through a person's mind while they sleep
The biological clock
A suggestion made during hypnosis that is to be carried out after the subject is no longer hypnotized
Discomfort and distress that follow discontinuing use of addictive drug
Compulsive drug craving and use
Altered state of consciousness reported after close brush with death
Powerfully addictive drug that stimulates the central nervous system
Drugs that reduce neural activity, slows body functions
Synthetic stimulant and mild hallucinogen; produces euphoria
Powerful hallucinogenic drug; also known as acid
A split in consciousness
Tendency for REM sleep to increase following REM sleep deprivation
False sensory experiences
Large, slow brain waves associated with deep sleep
Underlying meaning of a dream
Sleep disorder characterized by temporary cessations of breathing
Drugs that excite neural activity and speed up body functions
Depress neural activity, temporarily lessening pain/anxiety
Drugs that depress activity of the central nervous system
Psychedelic drugs that distort perceptions
Psychological need to use a drug
A chemical substance that alters perceptions and moods
Sleep disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks
Rapid eye movement sleep
Sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and appearance of being terrified
Diminishing effect with regular use of the same dose of drug
A physiological need for a drug
Periodic, natural loss of consciousness
Recurring problems in falling or staying sleep
The major active ingredient in marijuana

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