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Can you name the companies with headquarters in the following cities?

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HeadquartersCompanyYear Founded and Industry
Dearborn, MI1903 - Automotive
Atlanta, GA1978 - Home Improvement
Richfield, MN1966 - Retail Electronics
San Antonio, TX1886 - Telecommunications
Palo Alto, CA1939 - Computer Systems
Beaverton, OR1964 - Sportswear and Sports Equipment
Seattle, WA1994 - Online Retail
Detroit, MI1908 - Automotive
Memphis, TN1971 - Courier
Irving, TX1870 - Oil and Gas
Mooresille, NC1946 - Home Improvement
Burbank, CA1923 - Entertainment Conglomerate
New York, NY1886 - Drugs and Healthcare
Cincinnati, OH1837 - Consumer Goods
Thousand Oaks, CA1980 - Biotechnology
Charlotte, NC1904 - Banking and Financial Services
Fairfield, CT1878 - Electronics / Conglomerate
New York, NY1812 - Banking and Financial Services
San Antonio, TX1980 - Oil and Gas
Cupertino, CA1976 - Computer Hardware & Electronics
Bentonville, AR1962 - Retail
Cincinnati, OH1858 - Clothing retailing
Omaha, NE1839 - Conglomerate
HeadquartersCompanyYear Founded and Industry
Mountain View, CA1998 - Internet
Atlanta, GA1886 - Soft Drinks
Atlanta, GA1907 - Courier
San Jose, CA1984 - Computer Networking
Charlotte, NC1908 - Financial Services
Denver, CO1996 - Telecommunications
Oakbrook, IL1940 - Restaurants
Indianapolis, IN1876 - Pharmaceuticals
Redmond, WA1975 - Computer Software
Philadelphia, PA1963 - Telecommunications & Broadcasting
Minneapolis, MN1902 - Retail
Wayne, NJ1948 - Retail Toys
Houston, TX1884 - Waste Disposal
New York, NY1983 - Telecommunications
Bloomington, IL1922 - Insurance
Hoffman Estates, IL1886 - Retail
Whitehouse Station, NJ1891 - Pharmaceuticals
New York, NY1799 - Banking and Financial Services
Columbus, OH1926 - Insurance and Financial Services
Issaquah, WA1983 - Retail Warehouses
Armonk, NY1911 - Computer Systems
San Francisco, CA1852 - Banking and Financial Services

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