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you might think that i am a zero
every time i touch that track it turns into gold
you see me standing there
woke up with a strange tattoo
you've got a big mouth
it was saturday when i got that call
your not perfect
in the house tonight
this thing turned out so evil
i put my hands up to play my song
let me see your body bounce baby
to make and stop and stare as i zone out
your on the phone with your girlfriend
i thought it all been said
its a new generation
you think i am pretty without any make up on
high heels red dress
were looking for something dumb to do
seasons come and go
so boy forget about the world
peter pan and wendy turned out fine
every clock is ticking faster
theres a fire starting in my heart
you got designer shades to hide your face
leave a message at the tone
hot and dangerous now your one of us
make the stars look like their not shining
skies are crying
didnt matter what i had in the bank
waking up in the morning

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