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QuestionWhich country?
Which is the largest country that has the national currency rupee?
Which country has a flag with horizontal stripes coloured maroon-white-maroon in proportions 2:1:2?
Which country lies between Saudi Arabia and the Arabian sea?
Hanoi is the capital of which country?
Which country has coastlines on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?
Which country is referred to as the 'Lion City'?
Which country has the largest Mosque 'The Faisal Mosque' in South Asia?
QuestionWhich country?
Which country X is known officially as the 'Sultanate of X'?
Which is the largest country in the world?
Mandarin is the official language of which country?
The Sahara desert covers approximately 90% of which country?
The Galápagos Islands are a region of which country?
In order, the first letter of each country makes up the sentence...?

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