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What was the name of the southern section to the Maginot Line?
What was the collective name for the Australian overseas volunteers during World War II?
Who was the first Aborigine to receive a commission in the Australian Army?
Due to a lack of barbed wire, many Japanese defenses in the Pacific instead used what?
Szalasi was the dictator of what country during the last months of World War II?
For airborne operations, the British during World War developed a 125cc motocycle known as what?
Some experts believe over half of what classic military firearm now on the market are in fact fakes?
During World War II, WVS stood for what British civil defense group?
The Italian Vologrufo was a small example of what?
During World War Two, which famous boxer joined the Fallschirmjäger?
The units of the Austro-Hungarian, Common Army were denoted with what initials?
In 1941 Walter Oesau was put in charge of what Luftwaffe unit?
In 1976, an Israeli commando raid struck to rescue hostages being held at what location?
What tank destroyer was the fasted in the US arsenal during World War II?
The German heavy tank destoryer Pz.Sfl. V was better known by what nickname?
What was the first major engagement between German and British forces during World War I?
Henderson Field was a particularly important strategic point on what Pacific Island, during World War II?
What was the term used by the French for the major fortresses on the Maginot Line?
The Australian war hero Tom Derrick won his Victoria Cross attacking Japanese positions on what part of New Guinea?
The CNT-FAI faction during the Spanish Civil War professed what ideology?
How many elephants did Hannibal use at Cannae?

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