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Who was the Marine Gunnery Sergeant and two-time Medal of Honor winner to whom the words, “Comon’ you sons-of-bitches! Do you want to live forever?!” is attributed to?
The HMS Antelope sank on May 24, 1980, during what conflict?
The famous picture of the Red Army raising the flag over the Reichstag was edited for publication to hide what about one of the soldiers?
Sgt. Stubby of the 102nd Infantry was the most decorated war dog of World War I, and went on to become the mascot of what institution?
At the Battle of Little Big Horn, what tribe were most of the scouts that accompanied the Union Forces from?
Who introduced chewing gum to America?
The Battle of Grunwald heralded the decline of what European military order?
Rain-in-the-Face is believed to possibly be the warrior who killed what military figure?
Glubb Pasha was most famous for organizing and leading what military unit?
Francois Achille Bazaine commanded French forces fighting in what part of the world?
The National Firearms Act was passed in what year?
Name one of the original two American bolt-action rifles.
VK 36.01 was an early prototype of what World War Two tank?
What aircraft was responsible for sinking or causing fatal damage to all Japanese carriers lost during the Battle of Midway?
What name was given by the Germans to the operation that resulted in the Battle of Kursk?
Israel captured East Jerusalem during what conflict?
During the Iran-Iraq War, what Kurdish town was gassed by Saddam Hussein as punishment for cooperating with the Iranian invaders?
What is Zhukov's favorite firearm?
U-139 was a rarity among U-Boats, being one of the few to have two deck guns of what large bore?
How many elephants did Hannibal have under his command by the battle of Cannae?
The Battle of Minden was a French defeat during what conflict?
April 25th, 1915 heralded the start of what military operation?
One of the rarest military rifles of the 20th century, the Stomperud Krag was created for what countries use?
What naval engagement accompanied the Battle of Yorktown, ensuring the British were not able to escape the French/American encirclement?
What was the original name for the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Rifle?
Long after other European armies abandoned them, the Swedish Army of the Carolean period continued to make effective use of what weapon?
General-Lieutenant Andrei A. Vlasov became commander of what military unit during World War Two?
The LeMat Revolver is most known for having what feature added to it?
The 26th Cavalry conducted the last traditional cavalry charge in the history of the US Army - and was successful no less - in what year?
Operation Michael in World War One was the first use - on a large scale - of what military units by the German Army?
The US Embassy to Vietnam was temporarily occupied during what engagement?
During World War Two, SOE worked on a program - never carried out - to plant explosives in German factories by hiding them in what unexpected object?
Sparing the life of Guy de Lusignan, who uttered the words “kings do not kill other kings'?
William Brydon was the lone British survivor of a British force massacred during what war?
Who was the commander that led the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War?
What is generally considered to be the original Assault Rifle?
What ammunition does the Swiss K31 chamber?
The 2nd SS Panzer Division is better known by its title of...?
The F-82 is essentially two of what aircraft combined into one...?
What American built Lend-Lease tank became quickly unpopular with Soviet forces as a thin skinned fiery death trap?
What recently deceased senator won the Medal of Honor in World War II?
Sir Nils Olav, Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Royal Guard, is notable for what fact?
The Confederate Native Guard was a Southern militia unit during the American Civil War composed of black and mulatto members, and raised in what state?
Operation Dingo was an especially lopsided special forces action conducted during what conflict?
The No. 1 Mk. III bolt-action rifle is better known as what?
At what battle did the action of the 93rd Highlanders known as 'The Thin Red Line' occur?
What Japanese castle is famous for the red bridge leading to it?
The 1eme REP (1st Paratrooper Regiment) was permanently disbanded following their involvement in what?
Major MacBean, of the Mackintoshes, immortalized himself in death during combat in what conflict?
The Battle of Rossbach is considered to be the greatest victory of what notable leader?
The Prince Imperial, Napoleon IV, was killed in what conflict?

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