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Appearance: Dress- Up; Haptics: _______
'Me myself cannot go to that bathroom.' Myself in the sentence is an example of _________
The fourth step in 'The Hero's Journey' by Joseph Campbell
Expression of the writer's reaction to a social issue
The hero is tested and sorts out allegiances in the special world
The hero enters a special space in the special world and confronts death or faces his or her greatest fears
Reference to an artifact which could be a person, place, thing, event or a quote
Modal that has an ability to express formal invitations and future actions
Essay's subject: Topic you want to discuss; _______: Assertion that presents your point of view
Concept Maps are composed of two parts:
True or False: Every A must have a B in outlining
Modal that has an ability to express a polite request
Identify all four types of allusions
The hero feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however, briefly
We are relaxed and involved to people we know well
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: questions not meant to be answered
The act of causing people to believe something. It utilizes logic.
Modal that has an ability to express necessity
The hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: the views of the opposite side is foolish/ dangerous
Modal that has an ability to express a future intent
Indicate or suggest that is going to happen later in the story
Modal that has an ability to express a present ability
GESTURES: underscore what's being said. Earnestness and conviction; cleaned fist that suggests strong feelings such as anger or determination
The hero commits to leave the ordinary world and entering a new region or condition
True or False: The outline should be in phrase form
A necessary background information, a brief explanation and a thesis statement needs to be considered in making a __________
We don’t have to go out; we can fix dinner ourselves. Ourselves in the sentence is an example of _________
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: emotional meaning associated with the word
This is probably the most evocative form of Public Speaking
Used to form preposition
'The next chapter is easy to read don't be lazy.' What word crime is committed in the sentence?
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: make sweeping statements of a whole group
KINDS OF CONCEPT MAPS: Linear, Hub, Tree, Network and _______
In ethics of Public Speaking, what should you avoid?
'The next chapter is easy to read, don't be lazy.' What word crime is committed in the sentence?
OUTLINING: Sentence: Specific; ______: General
Proxemics: Distance; _______: Eye Movement
The seventh step in 'The Hero's Journey' by Joseph Campbell
Give me one indicator of opinion
Modal that has an ability to express mild obligations
It makes it clear in articulating in the way we speak. It also makes our statements clear and comprehensible
How many ways are there to emphasize a sentence or word?
GESTURES: used to help evoke a desire response. You'll enhance by setting some examples.
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: make the author appear more reasonable, more knowledgable and rational about the argument
Auxiliary verbs that provide additional and specific main verb of the sentence
Modal that has an ability to express strong obligations
Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit
A context dependent that helps answer questions
PERSUASIVE DEVICES: see the author as knowledgable and logicable

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