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as stubborn as a _________Begins with an M
as blind as a ____Cannot see
as slippery as an _______Lives in the sea. Starts with P
as playful as a ___________A small cat
as sly as a ______Very sneaky
as slow as a ______Super slow
as free as a _______An animal who can travel anywhere easily
as proud as a ________A beautiful bird with big feathers. Starts with P
as gentle as a ________Very soft, kind animal
as wise as an ______Very smart
as hungry as a ________An animal that is often raced
as sick as a ______Very ill, a common pet
as quiet as a ________Makes no sound, very small
as brave as a ______Powerful animal
as strong as an _______Another name for a cow or bull
as busy as a _______Very busy

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