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Mountain RangeCountryTallest Mountain
The Himalayas Mount Everest; 8,848 meters
The Rocky MountainsMount Elbert 4,401 meters
The AndesAconcagua 6,961 meters
Great Dividing Range Mount Kosciuszko 2,228 meters
Atlas MountainsToubkal 4,165 meters
DrakensbergThabana Ntlenyana 3,482 meters
The AlpsMount Blanc 4,808 meters
Carpathian MountainsGerlachovský štít 2,655 meters
The Southern AlpsAoraki / Mount Cook 3,724 meters
Sierra Madre OccidentalCerro Mohinora 3,311 meters
Mountain RangeCountryTallest Mountain
Annamite Range Phou Bia 2,598 meters
Mantiqueira MountainsPedra da Mina 2,798 meters
Ural Mountains Mount Narodnaya 1,895 meters
Jayawijaya MountainsPuncak Mandala 4,760 meters
Taurus Mountains Demirkazik 3,756 meters
Hida MountainsMount Okuhotaka 3,190 meters
PyreenesAneto 3,404 meters
Daen Lao RangeLoi Pangnao 2,563 meters
(Country Demonym) HighlandsRas Dashen 4,550 meters
Sinai High Mountain RegionMount Sinai 2,285 meters

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