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Can you name the girls from Ted Mosby's past*?

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The girl who...NameEpisode
beat Ted upReturn of the Shirt
made Ted get the butterfly tattooWait For It
shared a bed with her brotherThe Wedding Bride
did pornReturn of the Shirt
ran over the hitch hikerReturn of the Shirt
had crazy eyesSwarley
gave Ted throw pillowsStuff
gave Ted the lampStuff
gave Ted 12 mix-tapesStuff
Barney slept with firstLittle Boys
wouldn't stop talkingSpoiler Alert
Ted made out with on St. Patrick's DayNo Tomorrow
took Ted's virginityFirst Time in New York
was just using Ted to get back at her exThe Front Porch
Barney hired to play his wifeThe Stinsons
The girl who...NameEpisode
texted too soonThe Three Days Rule
Ted went on two blind dates withDouble Date
turned out to be a lesbianGirls vs. Suits
name Ted can't rememberHow I Met Everyone Else
was a militant hippie veganSay Cheese
Ted naked mannedThe Naked Man
Ted had a three-way with (allegedly)The Pineapple Incident
Ted had a three-way with (unconfirmed)Third Wheel
wore the slutty pumpkin costumeSlutty Pumpkin
Ted thought was a hookerMary The Paralegal
Ted dumped on her birthdayReturn of the Shirt
kept Ted on the hookHooked
worked at the GNB cafeteriaOld King Clancy
is always in a relationshipThe Window

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