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1983Sports Movie
1983This isn't about Mr. Cloudy or Rainy
1984Lets hope they are not
1984The Seven Dwarfs aren't going to be happy
1984Hate definitley doesn't
1985If I win the lottery hope this doesn't happen
1985Haven't graduated yet
1985The What
1985Am I Green
1986When have we not needed parents
1986Who knew haunted houses were so cool
1986This movie was a muppets movie
1986Only if Lindsay Lohan was here
1986flip this title and you'll find some treasure
1986don't walk up these
1986Movie was so bad the series was cancelled
1987This is one odd movie
1987This young lady is generous
1987Pre-CGI Robots are walking amongst us
1987Is it Santa Claus
1988If any of your family members are involved in Rock
1988What about the cats
1988Leavin California for Nepal that has got to suck
1988Word to ABC:Don't Ever partner with P.B.S.
1988No Sadness here
1988Is this about a country boy from the South
1988Not on U.S. Independece Day
1989How Many Parent Traps are needed
1989More Android action
1989Now their in Hawaii, oh brother
1990Copy of one of the previous flims with different title
1990Another freakin dog movie, Disney are you Serious
1990This Movie is like Mother Goose on a lot of messed up drugs
1990Nothing to do with royals but going 'Back' somewhere
1990Flimed in Nova Scotia about the Second Boer War
1990Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer in the 90's?
1991Was Jewel involved
1991Civil Rights brought to the forefront
1991I'm going to meet Mark Twain
1992The Finale involving Androids
1993One of the biggest issues of the Civil Rights with 'The Little Rock Nine'
1993Are these secret service agents
1993The New York Jets and Oakland Raiders got screwed because of this movie
1993Starring Beth Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as some nasty witches
1993Starred a young Seth Green and Jack Black
1994So what's unpromised
1994This is not your kids Disney Movie
1995Charles Dickens Novel turned into a movie
1995The Remake starred Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
1995A touching story about a young boy who tries to fight cancer
1996Battling the Nazis is definitley different
1996Another story about Slaverly
1996starred Shelly Long from the Shining and an original power ranger
1996Stars A Horror Icon and her sister got Knocked Up
1997Stars the original Freddy Kruger
1997Stars Diane Keaton
1997Thank god Mummies don't live near me
1998Stars Michael Seaver from Growing Pains
1998Stars another original power ranger
1998This is the first movie of a trilogy about three witches
1999starring Kristen Storms and Raven
1999Humilated at prom, go save the world
1999Starred Joey from Full House and Bella from Twilight was an extra
1999Before Final Destination Ryan Merriman was a teenager living an altered house where a Disney Concert of 5ive appears on the walls
1999living in Hawaii and moving to Vermont talk about polar opposites
1999Juggling two lives are hard for these people try just one
1999This movie will scare the bejesus out of you
1999stars two of the Lawrence Brothers as cousins
2000Imagine you were only member of your family ro not have super powers
2000Talk about reverse segeration
2000A movie about bowling...seriously a movie about bowling
2000A female surfing movie
2000Frankie Muniz where art thou
2000Woah... is this real
2000Horses talking....literally
2000Five times the trouble
2000Starring Andy Lawrence
2000Starring Carolina Rhea
2000Siblings chase down a Phantom
2000Brenda Song's first Disney movie
2001The 2nd Flim in the trilogy
2001Loosely based off Shakespere play
2001Ryan Merriman is Irish
2001Tahj Mowry gets chased by Ed Begley Jr's Dog
2001Lee Thompson Young trades places with his action hero counterpart
2001A Young Boy grows a strong relationship with a chimp
2001The Sequel to 'Horse Sense' starring all three of the Lawerence Brothers
2001Two Scientists experiment goes awry morphing their brains in reverse
2001The Second of the series
2001Stars a 'Mad Man'
2002The Story of Heather and Heidi Burge
2002Hillary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano star in this flim
2002Shia LaBeouf plays a teenage with a developmental disability
2002Stars Lindsay Lohan, Alfalfa and London Tipton
2002Starring America Ferrera who stars in Ugly Betty
2002Mischa Barton and Ryan Merriman star in this flim
2002two children and a couple of ghosts team up to defeat a ghost
2003An older brother wishes for a better life thanks to a unqiue coin
2003Tells the story of the Enders sisters
2003Stars the star of Transformers and Kim Possible
2003Stars Taylor Ball, Orlando Brown and a future power ranger
2003Stars Raven, 2/3 of 3LW and Sabrina Bryan
2003Alex D. Linz is a jewish kid trying to be basketball superstar with help from a former pro could they do it
2003A cheerleader who saves the world with her best pal and his mole rat
2004Stars Ricky Ullman
2004Andy Lawerence stars as a blind wrestler
2004The finale of the trilogy
2004Stars Danielle Panabaker, Brenda Song and A future Saturday Night Live cast member
2004Starring Hayden Panettiere
2004Lucas Grabeel's first Disney flim
2005Do you believe in magic?
2005Do animals have dreams?
2005Another movie with our secret agent protagonist
2005A Figure Skater turns Hockey Player
2005Stars Corey of 'That's So Raven and Oliver Oken
2005Stars Kyla Pratt, Orlando Brown and Punky Brewster
2005Tia and Tamara Mowry not on Sister,Sister
2006The Biggest Disney Movie to date stars Troy Bolton,Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans, Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie
2006Stars the Michalka Sisters as Paris Hilton and Nikki Hilton types
2006Brenda Song stars in her first and only lead role to date
2006Stars the Panabaker Sisters and Jason Dolley
2006The Cheetah Girls all go to Spain as they fall in love and their friendship grows stronger
2006Sara Paxton stars as the lead in the finale of this series
2007Corbin Bleu stars as a boxer turned double dutcher
2007Brandon Baker and Jake T. Austin star as stepbrothers who struggle getting use to one another
2007Stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
2007Stars Tia and Tamara Mowry in their sequel
2008Three Outcasts try to help other geeks who have wrongs committed against them
2008Stars Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato as a teen hearthrob and
2008stars 3/4 of the group as they head to Bollywood to become actresses
2009Emily Osment,David Henrie, Jason Earles, Moises Arias and Phil Lewis star
2009Starring Jason Dolley, Mitchell Musso, Tiffany Thornton and Brian Stepanek
2009Starring real life friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez
2009Alex wishes her mother and father never met
2010Stars Sterling Knight, Brandon Mychal Smith and Chelsea Kane
2010Stars Hutch Dano and G. Hannelius
2010The crew from the first movie return to battle camp Star
2010Stars Gregg Sulkin
2010Jennifer Stone's first starring role
2010Debbie Ryan's first starring role
2011The Gemini Project flips Zach and Cody's life on its head
20115 Outcast Teenagers start their own band as they challenge the rival band
2011Ashley Tisdale returns as her famous character as she looks to get on broadway
2011This cartoon is the first movie on cable tv since 2005
2011This TV Series goes to the TV movie front as the family is celebrating christmas
2012Not much is known except these have a weird Love and hate relationships
TBDstars a minor High School Musical 3 minor character

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