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1935Nicknamed 'The One Man Football Team'
1936From Conneaut Ohio
1937Part of Skull & Bones Fraternity where 1936 Winner was member
1938An award has been named in his honor for the top QB
1939Iowa named stadium in his honor
1940Would be selected by Chicago Bears with first overall selection
1941Nicknamed Boo and played for the Golden Gophers
1942Born in Croatia
1943Selected by the Boston Yanks first overall
1944Born in South Bend Indiana raised in Cleveland Ohio
1945Army's Mr. Inside
1946Army's Mr. Outside
1947Oldest Living Heisman Trophy Winner
1948Award named in his honor for greatest Running Back of college year
1949Was First Heisman winner to win National Championship, Heisman Trophy and be the first overall pick
1950Played Football for Washington Redskins and Baseball for Pittsburgh Pirates
1951Went on to find his own investment firm
1952Nicknamed Curly
1953Suffered injury in Air Force which forced him into early retirement
1954Scored winning touchdown for Giants in 'The Greatest Game Ever Played'
1955Nicknamed Hopalong because he hopped all over the field like a performing cowboy
1956Nicknamed the Golden Boy
1957Was Not a Junction Boy under Bear Bryant
1958Was a Rhodes Scholar
1959Was Drafted First Overall in both AFL and NFL
1960Only Scored One Touchdown in the NFL
1961Never played a Game in the Pros due to Cancer
1962Played in the NFL and CFL for a combined 3 seasons
1963Didn't Play for the Cowboys until 1969 five years after he was drafted
1964Played for 6 Teams in 3 Different Leagues
1965Was the Former Athletic Director at USC
1966Would Coach at School he won his Heisman
1967Nicknamed The Great One
1968Nicknamed The Juice and is also famous for being put on trial for murder of Ex-Wife and Friend
1969First Lion to rush over a thousand yards
1970Would Lead Raiders to two Super Bowl Victories
1971Current Head Coach at Samford
1972Nicknamed The Jet
1973Brother Joey motivated him to win Heisman Trophy
1974Only Two Time Winner
1975Played with Bengals in NFL
1976Played for Cowboys and Broncos
1977Nicknamed The Tyler Rose
1978Played Four Seasons for the Detroit Lions
1979Coached at school he won Heisman for 4 years
1980He rushed for over 7 thousand yards as a pro and is considered the best player out of the University of South Carolina
1981He was the first player ever to gain more than 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards during his career.
1982He was part of the trade that gave the Dallas Cowboys their Super Bowls
1983Played in USFL and NFL
1984Played in USFL,NFL and CFL
1985He Knows
1986Played for 8 Teams for a combined 20 Seasons
1987Was a 9 Time Pro Bowler
198810 Time Pro Bowler and All Pro
1989Now College Football Analyst for ESPN
1990Brother was also a pro quarterback
1991Won Super Bowl MVP for Green Bay Packers
1992Is Now Radio DJ
1993Played Pro Basketball with Rockets
1994Finished Career with Expansion Cleveland Browns
1995Was one of the first victims of the Madden Curse
1996Became a Minister
1997Starting Cornerback for Green Bay Packers
1998Dont pass pot to him
1999Would play 7 years for 3 Teams
2000Oldest Person to win Heisman
2001Played Wide Receiver in pros but was Quarterback at Nebraska
2002Two Time Pro Bowler
2003Currently owns a business in Oklahoma
2004Has been a career backup ever since winning Heisman
2005Had Heisman vacated
2006College and High School Teammates with Ted Ginn Jr
2007Has spawned his verison of Hulkamania
2008Starting QB for Rams
2009Father was Wide Receiver for Miami Dolphins
2010Starting QB for Panthers
2011Starting QB for Redskins

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