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InformationEuropean Country
The main rival of the UK in the world wars
Where IKEA was founded
A great country to view the Northern Lights in
Home to the widest waterfall in Europe, in the Baltic region
Home to Dracula
Many stereotypes, for example pizza and spaghetti
The other country completely landlocked by Italy between Rome and Venice
The biggest country at 17.1 million square kilometers
This country uses the Lek as their currency
The second smallest country, it borders France and the Mediterranean Sea
Known for it's capital city which holds the Mona Lisa, bread and their accent
Has the smallest town in the world named 'Hum' with around 20 people
More than a quarter of this country is underwater
Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, famous for it's beer
The only European country without a name change
Known for being neutral in both world wars
Has the nickname: The Emerald Isle
Germany's target in WW2
Changed their capital city from Istanbul to Ankara
Northernmost former Yugoslavian country
Borders Kaliningrad, a part of Russia cut off from the main country, also in the Baltic region
Known for chocolate and beer, borders 4 countries
One of the longest country names with 19 letters and 21 characters
Has 2,222 islands and is in the Baltic region
InformationEuropean Country
Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, has mostly mountainous terrain
Known for it's fjords
One of the world's biggest exports of raspberries
Where St. Nick is said to live
Known for it's siestas, beaches and hot weather
A country bordering Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Ukraine
Where the sewing machine was invented, also has one of the oldest flags in the world
Made up of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
The only country to lie completely in the Alps
Where the Rubik's Cube was invented
Only considered a country by some nations
Home to the world's oldest bookshop and Europe's longest bridge
The second richest country in the world
An island country south of Turkey
Declared it's independence from Serbia on June 3rd 2006
A small nation located on the France-Spain border
Used to be called FYROM- Former Yugoslav Republic Of (country)
Known as the 'Bread Basket of Europe'
The happiest country in the world
Where the Olympics were invented
A country just south of Sicily
The smallest country at 0.44 square kilometers
Home to the world's largest cave

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