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Can you name the the characters from the F-Zero series?

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Debut GameNameVehicle Name
F-ZeroBlue Falcon
F-ZeroGolden Fox
F-ZeroWild Goose
F-ZeroFire Stingray
F-Zero XGreen Panther
F-Zero XQueen Meteor
F-Zero XIron Tiger
F-Zero XHyper Speeder
F-Zero XMad Wolf
F-Zero XBig Fang
F-Zero XBlack Bull
F-Zero XBlood Hawk
F-Zero XCrazy Bear
F-Zero XMighty Typhoon
F-Zero XGreat Star
F-Zero XTwin Noritta
F-Zero XAstro Robin
F-Zero XLittle Wyvern
F-Zero XWhite Cat
F-Zero XWonder Wasp
F-Zero XSuper Piranha
F-Zero XSpace Angler
F-Zero XWild Boar
F-Zero XRed Gazelle
F-Zero XDeep Claw
F-Zero XMighty Hurricane
F-Zero XNight Thunder
F-Zero XSonic Phantom
F-Zero XKing Meteor
F-Zero XDeath Anchor
Debut GameNameVehicle Name
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityThe Stingray
F-Zero: Maximum VelocitySilver Thunder
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityJ. B. Crystal
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityFalcon MK-II
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityFighting Comet
F-Zero: Maximum VelocitySly Joker
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityHot Violet
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityFireball
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityWindwalker
F-Zero: Maximum VelocityJet Vermilion
F-Zero AXSilver Rat
F-Zero AXPink Spider
F-Zero AXFat Shark
F-Zero AXBunny Flash
F-Zero AXRainbow Phoenix
F-Zero AXGroovy Taxi
F-Zero AXSpark Moon
F-Zero AXRolling Turtle
F-Zero AXMagic Seagull
F-Zero AXCosmic Dolphin
F-Zero GXDark Schneider
F-Zero: GP-LegendDragon Bird
F-Zero: GP-LegendElegance Liberty
F-Zero: GP-LegendMoon Shadow
F-Zero: GP-LegendPanzer Emerald
F-Zero ClimaxRed Bull
F-Zero ClimaxDragon Bird EX
F-Zero ClimaxSoldier Anchor
F-Zero ClimaxHyper Death Anchor
F-Zero ClimaxBlue Falcon

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