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Word disciptionword
Raider, intruder
extreme hatred
to shorten; to condence
one who is made an object of blame for others
a short heavt, thick club that has one end larger than other
to be placed in or as if in a tomb, or a grave
to reject with distain
to generate pus;
to excude from group; to shun
the division of something into parts
a sense of injury or insult; to take offense
to scold or reprove
to be fearless
to surround or enclose completely
ofetn changing for no reason
Word disciptionword
worthy or deserving of praise
something that fastens two parts togehter
a neglected boy left to roam about in the streets
to argue vehamently
to be left alone, especially through a death of another
to confirm formally; verify
fashion an fashion desingners
one that depresses or restrains
a sudden calamitous downfal; collapse or failure
lower in quality
an order having the force of law
a dictionary, vocabulary terms used in or of a particular proffesion, subject or style
an collection of live wild animals on exhibit
the most advantageous
state of perlixity; difficult or uncertain situation

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