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Definition Word
Inclinedx to distrust or deny the goodness of sincerity of human motive
conformity to accepter standards or conduct; proper behavior
a leader who appeals to the emotions and prejusices of people, especially to advance his own power
quiet and modest
to express disapproval or; to depreciate ones effort
extremely poor; lacking necessitites like food and shelter
lacking in self confidence; shy
a difficult choice; especially a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives
the one who studeis an art of scice for mere amusement
inequality; difference
to tell, to reveal(as a secret)
easy to teach or manae
stating an opinion in a authoritative or arrogant manner
to distribute; to give out sparingly
mouenful, sad
Gloomy, sullen
Amusing in an odd way
intentional deceit in a speech or conduct
an image of a person or thing; usually a crude image of a hated person
extremely thin, wasted away
to try to be equal to or better than; to imitate
to be in love with
to increase the value or beauty of something
a puzzling or weemingly inexplicable situation, person, etc.
to be delighted beyond measure
Definition Word
to pronounce words clearly and distinctly
scholarly;having or showing a wide knowledge gained from reading
of or having to do with the races or classes of people and their languages, culture, history, etc.
to show clearly
to call forth; to draw forth
to use words or arguments to incite one to good deeds
a departure, especially in a large group
one who chooses to leave his or her native country
the best meants to do something under a given set of circumstances, especially if it will bring about personal gain
clearly stated
to explain; to set forth point by point; to interpret
to erase
to praise highly
to turn a prisoner oveer the jurisdiction of another counrty of state where the crime was allegedly committed
not belonging; foreign; nonessential
one who is outgoing, friendly; one who is interested in what is going on around him or her than in his or her own inner being or thoughts
to rejoice over a success of victory
a false or mistaken idea
reasonable; likelu; capable of being carried out
a complete, ridiculous failure
Likely to change without reason
to move; to vary irregularly
hard to overcome or deal with causing fear or awe
Dirty; unkempy
not wasteful; thrifty

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