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What type of waves transfer energy from the Sun to the Earth
What theory is used to explain how solids, liquids and gases behave?
How is energy transferred in a fluid?
Which particles are transferred in a metal during conduction?
What is the change of state of matter in evaporation?
What is process called when gas changes into a liquid?
How do we measure how good a material is an an insulator?
Which has a higher specific heat capacity, water or concrete?
What is the conservation of energy?
What is the useful output energy in a radio?
What do we measure Power in?
What do we measure Energy in?
What is the amount of energy transferred to a 1 kilowatt appliance in 1 hour called?
What is the splitting up of large atoms in elements like uranium called?
What is the collective term for oil, coal and natural gas?
Which environmental problem does the burning of fossil fuels contribute towards?
What is the main compound in acid rain?
What are fuels derived from living or recently living organisms called?
What is the network that links the country to its electricity supply called?
What is the voltage of electricity in our homes?
What is the unit of frequency?
What is the speed of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum in m/s?
Which wave has the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum?
Which wave has highest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum?
Which waves can cause skin cancer?
What is someone who takes X-rays called?
What is the line drawn at a right angle to a mirror surface called?
What is the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?
When a wavelength of light is moving away from you in the universe, what colour light does it appear as?
When a police car rushes past you, the noise of the siren appears to change. What is this effect called?
Approximately how old is the universe?
What does CMBR stand for?
What was the alternative theory to the Big Bang for how the Universe began?
What type of graph should you draw if you have categoric data?
What is the variable that you measure?
What is a great idea in Science called?
What type of error could result in an anomaly?
What's the minimum number of times you should repeat an experiment?
Which variable would you find on the vertical axis of a graph?
Which famous band featured a prism and a colour spectrum on an album cover?

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