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Which part of a plant cell contains cell sap?
Where in a cell do the cell's activities take place?
Where does protein synthesis occur?
What major structure of an animal cell does a bacterial cell NOT have?
Where in the leaf would you find the palisade cell?
What separates two areas of different concentrations?
What do a group of cells with similar structures and functions form?
Which tissue acts as a lining in the body?
In which digestive organ does peristalsis take place?
Which tissue transports water from roots to leaves?
What are the raw materials in photosynthesis?
What is the name of the chemical compound C6H12O6?
Is starch soluble or insoluble?
Which chemical do we use to test for starch?
Name the pores in a leaf that allow gas exchange?
Name an element that makes up a protein?
Which molecules join together to form proteins?
Where on an enzyme does the substrate molecule fit into the enzyme?
What happens to the enzyme if the temperature gets too high?
Which enzyme breaks down starch into glucose?
What acid does your stomach produce?
Where is bile made?
Where is bile stored?
Name one of the two products of the breaking down of lipids by lipase?
Which enzyme breaks down glucose into fructose?
Which type of respiration uses oxygen?
Where in cell does aerobic respiration take place?
In what form do your muscles store glucose?
What is glucose broken down into in anaerobic respiration?
How many pairs of chromosomes do you have in your body?
What is the science name for sex cells?
Are sex cells diploid or haploid?
Which type of cell division replaces damaged cells and repairs tissues?
What type of plant did Gregor Mendel grow?
What did Mendel describe the tall-stem characteristics as?
What is the abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid?
Which inherited disease results in more than 5 fingers or toes?
Is cystic fibrosis caused by a dominant or recessive allele?
What are undifferentiated cells that can divide by mitosis called?
What is the first step in the process of speciation?

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