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Nearby priestsSinging prostitute
Bald, bonySinger songwriter a.k.a Robert Zimmerman
Celery LochA lady singer, used to be a loud girl...
Let John onGay.
Colonel. SwimX Factor Satan
Catchy Mile MinerSkipping and laughing
Sodden LemonIs it a deal, Banker?
Dollar ThiefDo the goosestep!
Ah! Ding!Tiny little bald man in a sheet.
For chesty, rubNice to see you, to see you...
Bill Enters...A night with natural history
Annoy ScreenI shpeak with a shlight impediment
Legal bitsRichest geek in the world
Anal Ass CutIt's christmas time!
Maraca KabobYes, we can!
Weeny Nose BlockIt's destiny, my child.
Startrek Cap WitNext gen. captain
Honked Jenny'I liked to drive, before I got shot.'
Uneasy SlobShe might look like that, but she can sing...
Heir In Ivy'In my house I have six rooms, six beds, six knives, six forks, six dogs, six cats, six fish and six recliners.'

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