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Can you name the Zelda Windwaker Enemies?

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Somewhat intelligent pug like creatures who are known to carry boko sticks, machetes, and telescopes
Large carnivourous plants from whitch boko sticks can be obtained
Ships that shoot bombs at link when he is at sea
Gelatinous goo that has little intelligence
Giant armored demonic jakals that carry giant serrated swords and sometimes shields
Sharks with armored heads that ram Link when he is in a boat
Bat like creatures who will often attack in swarms and come in normal and fire varieties
Birds that are extremly territorial and drop golden feathers when killed
Insects resembling centipides that love fire and lava
Small spikey creatures that slow link down when they are attached to him
Giant moth like creature may be wingeed or wingless
Small creatures armed with pitchforks that make a caracteristic Nyeh-Na
octopus squid creatures that occur in most zelda games
flying propeller plants that can be found on land or a sea
ghost like unsettled souls may be named after edgar allen poe
Zombie like creatures
Mencing skelatel mace wielding creatures
Toucan headed creatures that come in three colors

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