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Forced Order
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Who is the Alien?
What's Rap Monsters favorite color?
'I'm your _____'-J-hope
Who is the main visual?
Who's the most cheerful in the group?
Which member is considered the most talented in various areas?
Which rapper disrespected BTS?
What is V's real name?
Who is the most insecure?
What year did BTS debut?
In which song does BTS talk about their ideal types?
Who is fluent at English?
In the No More Dream MV, who showed off his abs?
What's Jin's favorite color?
Who is the Hyung?
What's J-hope's favorite color?
In the War of Hormone MV, who slapped Jimin's butt?
Who is the Pink Princess?
Who is the God of Destruction?
What's Jungkooks favorite color?
Who is the Maknae?
What are BTS' fans called?
Who is the Leader?
What's Jimin's favorite color?
What is the full name of BTS?
Which EXO member is V's 'mom'
Who is the most laziest in the group?
Which 5 member k-pop band does BTS look up to?
Who was chosen 7th when Jungkook was asked to rank members by appearance?
Which company formed the group?
What's Suga's favorite color?
Which member did Suga have the worst impression on?
What's Rap Monster's real name?
What is Suga's real name?
Who is the Aegyo King?
'You got no _____'-Rap Monster
What song did BTS debut with?
How many members are in BTS?

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