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Name every actor to play a version of the Doctor - canon or not!

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Role and First AppearanceActor
First Doctor ('An Unearthly Child')
Second Doctor ('The Power of the Daleks')
Third Doctor ('Spearhead from Space')
Fourth Doctor ('Robot')
Fifth Doctor ('Castrovalva')
Sixth Doctor ('The Twin Dilemma')
Seventh Doctor ('Time and the Rani')
Eighth Doctor ('Doctor Who (film)')
Ninth Doctor ('Rose')
Tenth Doctor ('The Christmas Invasion')
Eleventh Doctor ('The Eleventh Hour')
Role and First AppearanceActor
Twelfth Doctor ('Deep Breath')
Dr. Who ('Dr. Who and the Daleks')
First Doctor ('The Five Doctors')
The Valeyard ('The Trial of a Time Lord')
Ninth Doctor ('The Curse of Fatal Death')
Tenth Doctor ('The Curse of Fatal Death') / Ninth Doctor ('The Scream of Shalka')
Eleventh Doctor ('The Curse of Fatal Death')
Twelfth Doctor ('The Curse of Fatal Death')
Thirteenth Doctor ('The Curse of Fatal Death')
The Dream Lord ('Amy's Choice')
War Doctor ('The Day of the Doctor')

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