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Can you name the titles given the characters of Radiant Dawn in the epilogue?

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Valiant Lady of Marado
Desert's Water
Rural Juggernaut
Spirit-Charming Sage*
Steadfast Rider
Friend of Nations
Man of Many Mysteries
Black Tempest
Crimea's Keystone
Relentless Halberdier
Devoted Queen
Blade of Justice
Empire's Bright Blade
Sky's Shadow
Collector of Beauty
First-Rate Sage
Hawk King's Eyes
Prince of Layabouts
Hawk King's Ears
Gentle Saint
Wayfaring Country Girl
Kindhearted Warrior
Mistress of Wyverns
Fearless Lion King
Mistress of the Evil Eye
Veteran Knight
Perpetual Guardian
Protector of the Realm
Unassuming Knight
Plucky Freedom Fighter
Wise Old Crow
Young Dragon Prince
Liberation's Talon
Finder of Secrets
Grim Cavalier
Carefree Saint
Freedom's Arrow
Gallia's Valkyrie
Crimson Bodyguard
Loyal Halberdier
Lucky Wayfarer
Mighty Soldier
White Prince
Wandering Sage
Fang of Gallia
Lion King's Shadow
Alluring Rogue
Light of Creation*
Earthbound Chorister
Blade of Unity
Scarlet-Haired Paladin
Priestess of Dawn
Dutiful Assistant
Wise Champion
Deadly Adept
Petulant Pegasus Knight
Eternal Wanderer
Holy Empress
Black Wolf of the Sands
Healing Breeze
Lord of the Air
Silent Master of Winds
Faithful Student
Aspiring Lady of Blades
Agile Horseman
Tireless Advisor
Mesmerizing Chanteur
Sapphire of Begnion

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