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Forced Order
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Name of the store Ned Flanders starts
What actor portrays Bart in 'Blood on the Blackboard: The Bart Simpson Story'
What is the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe
Name of the demon that Homer claims has enslaved Marge due to her addiction
The sport the person in the picture played that Bart used when answering Mrs. Krabappel's personal ad
The kind of powers Homer tells Mr. Burns he has
Last Name of the only baseball player that can play on Mr. Burns' softball ringer team against Shelbyville
The career Bart's aptitude test states he should be in
The two senses Selma doesn't have
Milhouse's gamer name for Bonestorm
Lisa's first word
What Homer named the big opossum in the monorail
'trab pu kcip'?
The six words Homer tells Lisa she needs to say if she wants to get rid of Ralph
Lisa's science project: Is Bart smarter than this animal
Hans Moleman claims he was saying this (use a hyphen)
Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves ______ _______
Principal Skinner locks Bart, Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph, and Nelson in the utility basement after promising them these
Marge accidentally steals from this place which causes her to go to prison
This band performed on Krusty's Komeback Special
Homer's barbershop quartet, The Be Sharps, biggest hit
When the Simpsons entered the Witness Relocation Program, their last name became this
When Homer goes to college, he steals Springfield A&M's mascot, which is this
Homer thinks he's gone blind after eating this many slices of American cheese
Homer and Chief Wiggum think they'll be alright as long they can keep the eggs down cooked using this
Homer gets one of these for free off of Krusty after seeing an ad in the paper
When lost out at sea, Homer tries fishing for food and Ned offers these encouraging words, 'Godspeed little ______'
When Bart finds out why he is doing bad in school he is surprised, 'You mean it ain't me noggin, its me _______'
The Springfield cat burglar steals this collection of Bart's
After getting a call that Bart was missing, Homer was afraid he got turned into one of these after seeing his hat on it
This actor takes over the Kwik-E-Mart after Apu is fired
This person has the world's largest Malibu Stacy collection
Homer smuggles these aboard the space shuttle
Homer believes this item stuck on the ceiling to be God *Hint* 'I know I shouldn't eat thee...'
The name of Bart's elephant
Homer's superb advice - 'Kids, you tried your best and failed miserably. The lesson is _____ ______'
Ned Flanders is fired from being principal after saying one of these in school
Freddy Quimby believes it to be funny how the French waiter says this word
Homer states marriage is a lot like this fruit
Nelson told Bart that this was showing, causing him to fall and break his leg
Ralph's cat's breath smells like this
The Simpsons family discover that this disables the robots at Itchy and Scratchy Land
Sideshow Bob is a member of this party
The Springfield Elementary calendars contained this ficticious month
Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica steals this
This is what gets Lisa the front seat in the car (2 words)
The news gets footage of Homer in the shower and claim that he spends time in an oxygen tent to give him these powers, which Homer later refutes is only half the truth
Grampa and Homer both accidentally cause this to happen at their old house
Homer's problem with the lesbian bar was that it didn't have one of these (2 words) *Enjoy your deathtrap ladies*
Despite seeing weird, evil, ungodly things, Homer wanted to join and eventually became leader of this group
Homer's dream job was at this place
Bart sabotages what of Principal Skinner's, who then forces him to help him in the mornings with his amateur astronomy
Homer crafted this with his mashed potatoes after becoming obsessed with seeing a billboard advertisement
What Moe calls a garage, because 'garage' is too fancy (2 words)
The punishment Australia has on its flag and wanted to give to Bart
When Marge tries explaining to Patty and Selma that Homer is a very complicated man, he smashes this over his head informing 'Wrong!'
At the Springfield Film Festival, Homer originally wants to vote for 'Man Getting Hit by Football' submitted by this person
When Lisa has her fortune told about her first love, in Hugh refuses to wear these of Homer's
Mr. Burns has a pair of underwear made out of this animal
This person, while teaching french, referred to the class, as 'cheese eating surrender monkeys'
When Bart tries to egg on the teachers to strike, as his message is relayed through the crowd, it eventually reaches Edna Krabappel with these extra 3 words at the end
When Marge becomes a cop, she busts up a counterfeit what racket
When Shelbyville kids steal the lemon tree, Bart makes the bold declaration that 'We'll get the tree back, or choke their rivers with our ______'
Before Mr. Burns gets shot, Smithers stops him from stealing this
In Smithers dream, he and Mr. Burns are a pair undercover cops on the hotrod circuit on this color!
As Rainier Wolfcastle is filming Radioactive Man, he is hit with a wave of toxic slime, and claims that this item, which was to protect him 'do nothing!'
One of reasons that the Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are taken from Homer and Marge is that Bart has this
Milhouse trades Bart's soul to the Comic Book Guy for these (2 words)
Homer informs Lisa you don't win friends with this
Homer needs to weigh many pounds to go on disability
What Homer thought was his mom's grave, was actually this person's
Sideshow Bob was hiding where while he holds Springfield hostage with a nuclear bomb
Troy McClure has a fetish with this animal
Bart gets caught for committing what crime at the Try-N-Save
Homer's bowling team, the Pin Pals, faced off against this team in the league championship
This product is 'fine and dandy like sour candy'
After the death of great aunt Hortense, each member of the family gets $100, which Bart wants to buy what with
In the Simpson's universe, this words means 'to make something larger' *Hint* It's a perfectly cromulent word
What kind of food does Mr. Burns not like
When Chester Lampwick wins his lawsuit against Roger Meyers, he builds a house made of what
When Bart gets his fake license, him, Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson drive to this city and visit the 'Wod Fir'
In 22 Short Films About Springfield, we didn't get to see this character's story, thanks to the monkey
The war group that grampa belonged to
Taxes were raised five dollars to pay for the control of this animal...a rock won't cut it
'Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Homer Simpson, smiling ______'
Lisa thinks new what will help her make friends when they are at the beach
Hank Scorpio gives Homer this team to get him one step closer to his dream
Homer's boxing strength is that he can't be ______ ______
Mr. Burns's son's name
Sex Cauldron! I thought they closed that place down. Actually, cauldron is the word Krusty thought he heard when Helen Lovejoy was actually spelling this word
Luanne Van Houten draws this which as Hibbert describes 'is worthy of Webster'...Kirk can't draw it because he gave it up
When Lisa develops a crush on Nelson, she writes him a love letter, whom he mistakenly thinks is from this person
Ned Flanders hates only two things, his beatnik parents and this place
Homer goes insane for a while after eating an extremely hot version of this food...damn straight!
When Homer thinks he discovered an alien in the woods, it turns out to be this person
Marge started selling this food...which were tough enough to knock out Whitey Ford
While Shary Bobbins is with the Simpson family, Bart claims he's found something better than cleaning (2 words)
Comic Book Guy's catchphrase (3 words)
When Homer makes Bart sit in front of a cigarette ad, the kind of smokes he requests (2 words)
When Sideshow Bob is released from prison to the custody of his brother Cecil, what is the product that he hopes they still make
While Lisa is babysitting, Bart 'mistakenly' thinks she told him to go to where
During the Springfield prohibition, Homer smuggles alcohol to Moe's using what
Principal Skinner claims he is a what to end the scrutiny over his and Edna Krabappel's relationship
What does Laddie find in the blind man's pocket...without it he could go blinder!
Mr. Burns has problem with what condiment
What company's logo looks like Homer thanks to combining the logos of a fish and lightbulb of two other companies
Frank Grimes lives above and below a what
Bart keeps relating everything to what as he tries to encourage Lisa to stick with military school
The Simpsons were created by
The Simpsons started on this show

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