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I spit fire hot enough to melt boulders / In the cartoon I gave Ash the cold shoulder / But despite all the hype, I'm not Dragon Type / My Flamethrower will leave you to smolder
My typing is Rock and is Ground / Rock Tunnel's where I can be found / I'm made up of rocks, have a trainer named Brock / And I burrow at speeds that astound
I'm in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue / Evolve me to whatever suits you / Maybe it's water you desire, or electric or fire / And I evolve more in later games too
My typing is Poison and Flying / My frequent apperances leave the players crying / I hide out in caves, use ultrasonic waves / Hopefully I'll be caught if I keep trying
The anime brought me to fame / I'm famously the face of the game / I'm the mascot of the house, a small yellow mouse / I'd be surprised if you don't know my name
Challenge me to an aquatic duel / I'll make Fire Types look like a fool / My giant self destroyed a land, but that episode was banned / My pre-evolution is 'cool'
I famously use the move Lick / 95 base stat for speed means I'm quick / I hide in the shade, evolve me by trade / I'm your favourite Ghost Type you'll pick
The players treat me like trash / But to me that seems a bit rash / For when I evolve, all will be resolved / And I'm the best Pokemon that can use Splash
My body you cannot see / And my 'dex number is 50 / But it brews up a storm, that my evolved form / Is just me multiplied by three
My popularity grew / Because I'm part of the Team Rocket Crew / But the aim of our game, me Jessie and James / Is to capture that twerps' Pikachu
I'm tocix but please do not judge / My purple self may carry a grudge / My body so slimey, my pre-evolution grimey / I'm literally a pile of magenta sludge
My mask on my face used to smother / My emotions run wild like no other / I'm sad and alone, just me and my bone / And skull I wear from my dead mother
You shouldn't be able to know / Who I am from the game or the show / I can be a Chansey, Lapras or Krabby / Or maybe a Seel or Hypno
I'll often eat way too much fruit / And nap on a certain route / But if you want me to move, then get me to groove / By playing an iconic flute
My design may look like a joke / A parade of small round pink folk / But if you use the move Pound, smashing me to the ground / You'll end up with a puddle of yolk
In human emotion I lack / A science experiment gone whack / My creation enticing, from all the gene splicing / Just you wait for me to Strike Back

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