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Title episode
Tragic Backstory episode
Ed and Al travel to Liore
Nina. Nuff said
Ed and Al have trouble dealing with the death of Nina
Back to Resembol with some discoveries along the way
Marcoh's notes reveal something...
Abandoned building, huh?
Is Alphonse real? Or just a puppet Ed made?
Hughes is dead, Mustang is still here
A baby is born!
Izumi's Teachings
Humunculi are real and nothing is impossible
A mysterious band of characters come together to kill Greed. And is Bradley one of them?
The Xingese have come
Ed and Al discover the death of Hughes
Did Mustang just...kill Maria Ross?
In Xerxes, it's revealed that Ross is still alive, and Ed contemplated how little man can do
'You killed me. I hate losing. But there are worse ways to die than at the hands of a man like you. I love how cold and focused your eyes are.’
It can't be? Is it?...Hohenheim!?
The Elrics and company attempt to draw out a Humunculous
Winry learns who killed her parents and attempts to take revenge
Lan Fan cuts off her own arm
Ed, Ling and Envy are swallowed
After a fight with Envy, Ed comes up with a plan to escape Gluttony's broken portal
Ed sees Alphonse's body again!
In case you missed anything, here's a summary...
Who are you? And why do you have his face?
The Fuhrer takes hostages to force Ed and Mustang to behave
'Never forget the names of the people you've killed, because they'll sure as hell never forget yours.'
'I'll pay you back, when you become Fuhrer of this country.'
'Even I have a family, State Alchemist.'
This fort is huge! And freezing cold!
So this is Armstrong's sister?
Amestris may actually be one giant transmutation circle
It's the only picture we have of the four of us
Hawkeye finds something she wasn't expecting in the home of the Bradleys
Winry is taken hostage by Scar!
...or so it appears she has
Is it true the country of Xerxes was destroyed in a single night?
Alphonse can feel his soul being drawn back
Plans are being made to start fighting back
Envy is defeated, though not killed
Al meets up with his father, and Greed starts having old memories
Something huge is going to happen next Spring
Ed returns to the Rockbell home, Alphonse is overcome by Pride
Ed meets up with his father and his brother, though the latter is not truly who he appears to be
'Just don't die!' And that's an order.
Mustang and his men are beginning to fight back
More faithful allies come to join Mustang in his coup
Mannequin soldiers everywhere
Separated groups meet up, and the battle seems to take a turn for the better
'Are you the one that killed Maes Hughes?'
I won't let this anger and vengeance devour you, even if it means shooting you in the back myself
The Curtis' join the fight
'Hello. I'm back.'
'You may be going to Hell, old man, but I'll make sure you aren't making the trip alone'
Four of the five of them have been gathered
Mustang is forced through the portal and goes blind
Father performs his transmutation and steals all of the souls of Amestris
The reverse transmutation is activated, and Father retreats to the surface in search of souls
They all fight back, almost defeating Father before Ed loses his automail and becomes trapped
Ed sacrifices his Alchemy to finally bring his little brother home
It looks as if everything has worked out. And what do you know? Winry finally got laid!

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