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Forced Order
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Ain't that the way it always starts?
Early morning without warning
These are my famous last words
Give me the flammable life
I'll take it outta the wishing well
I'm not around that much, running [Song name]
I'll stick it to the mailman
That night they were burning for truth
Dearest Constellation, heaven surrounding you
I'm called a cow
I'm mollases hung in rent
There you are dancing at your altar
[Song title], sing me yours I'll sing you mine
Goddamn this dusty room, this hazy afternoon
I know what you're thinking, we were going down
Take your payroll and your lottery
There you go again, putting words into my mouth
Leading everything along
The train that I got onto up and left that town
Call and I'll answer, at home, in the lost and found
Oh mirror, mirror I'm coming in clear
This indecision got me climbing up a wall
What would I do? [song title] Please or pain? I can't choose
Attention. Pay attention. No mention. A sick history
You know I did it. It's over and I feel fine
Too alarming now to talk about
Good and bad I swear I've had them both, they're overrated
Come and I'll take you under this beautiful bruise's colours
Tip your hat up into your brain
When she goes storming out I run for cover
Here now, don't make a sound
I can be your liar. I can be your bearer of bad news
Hey you. Are you in there?
This is the sound, the here and the now
You're my size, I need to try you on
She [Song title]s [Song title]s away. On the ground she comes back down
[Song title] I've been searching for something
Lately I've been living in my head. The rest of me is dead
This state I'm in, a place I've never been
I have a spent a lifetime waiting for the chance to save you my confession
Something that I felt today, something that I heard
Seems like only yesterday life belonged to runaways
[Song title] right now. You take me away, take it from me
What have we done with innocence?
You believe there's something there to relieve your emptiness
It was meant to be but all along it never meant a thing
Once upon a time I was somebody else
The rain is here and you my dear are still my friend
Do you hear the kin you saved me from
He needs a quiet room with a lock to keep him in
I, I'm a one way motorway
One of [song title] the ground will drop out from beneath your feet
I'm hanging on, here until I'm gone
Restless little one, comfortable and warm
These notes are marked return to sender
You make me dizzy running circles in my head
Back and forth that voice of yours keeps me up at night
I'm in the sky tonight. There I can keep by your side
If you'd like to walk a while, we can waste the day
Do you hear me, hear me screaming
Goodbye Jimmy, farewell youth
Have you been [Song title]? Were you satisfied?
I'll stick it to the mailman
Wake up, it's time. We need to find a better place to hide
Coming down I'm coming 'round. This time I thing I'm waking up
A million miles away. Your signal in the distance
Run and tell all of the angels this could take all night
There are days I might not make it
[Song title] that it would end this way
Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds
Keep you in the dark. You know they all pretend
They knew all along. They're not dumb, they were so wrong
I have a choice between the bat or the belt each time I hear about the hand you've been dealt
Shame on me seducing everyone
There is a secret. I found a secret
I thought I knew all it took to bother you
A heart of gold but it lost its pride
Wish I were with you but I couldn't stay
Crazy but I believe this time
One more day that I survived. Another night alone
Nothing left within, I've been mined
Visiting is pretty, visiting is good
I was waiting for something, maybe flying machines
When I talk about it, carries on, reasons only knew
You know in all of the times that we've shared I've never been so scared
I can be your runaway so we can get outta here
Burn all the candles out, make a wish but not aloud
You and I were two old and tortued souls repaired by a love of broken things
I've got another confession to make
Let's change the subject to someone else
Hello. I've waited here for you
Have you found your way around the down-and-out?
Move in again, comfort of the chase
Well I met the seventh son, he came for everyone
Real life is so hard
If I had my way, If I had to lose
Lately I'm getting better. Wish I could stay sick with you
Lately I've been measuring. Seems my time is growin' thin
You got away, got away, got away from me
Where you off to with that head of yours?

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