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QUIZ: Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Da-Di)?

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Sci-fi message-movie that explicitly takes aim at ...Robert Wise
A chain reaction of romance that reverberates arou...Wong Kar-Wai
Shot entirely at the 'magic hour', this lovers' tr...Terrence Malick
Linklater's beloved coming-of-age comedy shows the...Richard Linklater
Mind-boggling technical achievements are at the he...Carl Reiner
With four directors handling five stories, this wa...Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer
After their calling-card gangsta drama Menace II S...Albert Hughes
Anticipating his more recent films, Cronenberg mad...David Cronenberg
In which Nanni Moretti scoots around Rome on a Ves...Nanni Moretti
Ill winds blow through the sinking city in Viscont...Luchino Visconti
Hilarious and often incredibly sad look at the hai...Penelope Spheeris
Along with Apocalypse Now, this shattering film re...Michael Cimino
The greenest (in politics and colour-palate) of Bo...John Boorman
A bored New Jersey housewife decides to add spark ...Susan Seidelman
All the Z-movie superlatives are called for here: ...Edgar G Ulmer
The most expensive Bollywood movie ever made, Indi...Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Franklin meticulously and sensitively recreates th...Carl Franklin
The knee-jerk controversy that surrounded this may...Ken Russell
When a sadistic headmaster is drowned in a bathtub...Henri-Georges Clouzot
Sombre portrait of an ailing young churchman who a...Robert Bresson
Beatty's 'comeback' after the legendary flop of Is...Warren Beatty
Released when action heroes were almost exclusivel...John McTiernan
One scene, two bands: multimillion-selling Vodafon...Ondi Timoner
American Graffiti for grown-ups, or rather for men...Barry Levinson
Like Top Gun, [FILMTITLE] has overcome the 1980s...Emile Ardolino
This war movie offers a different take on heroism....Robert Aldrich
Clint Eastwood gleefully tore out pages and pages ...Don Siegel

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