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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 27: Po-Re)?

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James M Cain had written one of the great sexy pul...Tay Garnett
Arnold Schwarzenegger's inflated physique seemed t...John McTiernan
For a brief, sparkling moment, a red-headed starle...Howard Deutch
Here is one of the great comic turns of British ci...Ronald Neame
She gets kidnapped. He gets killed. But it all end...Rob Reiner
Postmodernism never got more outrageous. Mel Brook...Mel Brooks
Described by its director as 'a fun picture', this...Alfred Hitchcock
Screenwriter Jack Rosenthal's TV movie for Channel...Michael Apted
One of the great gangster movies, with James Cagne...William A Wellman
John Travolta made a spectacular comeback as a jun...Quentin Tarantino
Now comes with heightened biographical value after...George Butler, Robert Fiore
Prince at his most purple - flamboyant, elaborate ...Albert Magnoli
The Who-scored youth film is far more than a mere ...Franc Roddam
It's hard to imagine a time quite so innocent, but...Robert Redford
Perhaps the only British film of the period that c...Chris Petit
The artistic high-water mark of Scorsese's career ...Martin Scorsese
The first in the Indiana Jones series, and a disti...Steven Spielberg
Kurosawa was well into his 70s when the project be...Akira Kurosawa
This is a western where the rocks are papier-mache...Fritz Lang
Four storytellers deliver contradictory accounts o...Akira Kurosawa
Every decade or so a film comes along to give the ...Stuart Gordon
Surveillance classic from the master. Who but Hitc...Alfred Hitchcock
The first project Selznick gave to Hitchcock when ...Alfred Hitchcock
Knife fights, smooching with Natalie Wood, a deadl...Nicholas Ray
En route to a promised job in Wyoming, Nicolas Cag...John Dahl
It's easy to see why Zhang's debut was instruental...Yimou Zhang
Full-throated satire on Stalinism issuing from gla...Tengiz Abuladze

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