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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 25: On-Pa)?

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This scintillating musical was the first to be sho...Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
Two brothers in the back of a New York cab, Rod St...Elia Kazan
Leone applies the soaring, operatic approach of On...Sergio Leone
Jet Li cemented his 'new Bruce Lee' status with th...Tsui Hark
More Puccini opera than horse-opera - thanks to En...Sergio Leone
Originally developed by control-freak Stanley Kubr...Marlon Brando
After a gruesome first few minutes, Carl Franklin'...Carl Franklin
If he'd never made another movie, the cult of Jack...Milos Forman
The movie that Quest For Fire was meant to obliter...Don Chaffey
Disney does London (with help from Derek Nimmo and...Robert Stevenson
An artfully macabre horror movie that uses avant-g...Kaneto Shindo
An impressively-mounted adaptation of Virginia Woo...Sally Potter
Cocteau's modern interpretation of the Orpheus myt...Jean Cocteau
The first post-Taliban film, Barmak wears the badg...Siddiq Barmak
A haunted-house movie that conjures terror out of ...Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar
Best-known for putting George Clooney's suave bank...Steven Soderbergh
The most lyrical of all films noir, thanks to Dani...Jacques Tourneur
Eastwood also stars in this classic American civil...Clint Eastwood
Seminal teen angst from Coppola that jump-started ...Francis Ford Coppola
Louise Brooks was more lovely, smart and rebelliou...GW Pabst
The end of the Spanish civil war provides the back...Guillermo del Toro
The daddy of all the 70s conspiracy-thrillers, fro...Alan J Pakula
A young boy in 1950s America begins to fear his pa...Bob Balaban
The climax of the first act of Wenders' career, an...Wim Wenders
Stunning in its power, uncompromising in its sever...Carl Dreyer
Peckinpah's Blood on The Tracks, his Exile on Main...Sam Peckinpah
Director Satyajit Ray was new to his craft when he...Satyajit Ray

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