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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 24: Ne-Om)?

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The vampire myth is relocated to the American sout...Kathryn Bigelow
Dassin, who created a noir classic with his New Yo...Jules Dassin
Using gags - some written by Buster Keaton - that ...Sam Wood, Edmund Goulding
Robert Mitchum's famous eyes emit a sleepy brand o...Charles Laughton
The civil rights movement, McCarthyism, Vietnam: t...George A Romero
A criminally neglected carnival noir, with Tyrone ...Edmund Goulding
With all the wisecracking sequels that followed, i...Wes Craven
Giuletta Masina used to joke that it was her recip...Federico Fellini
The epitome of French 90s cool. Low-rent junkie th...Luc Besson
It's telling that Oldman, despite the acclaim for ...Gary Oldman
Garbo Laughs was the astonishing poster line heral...Ernst Lubitsch
According to Blatty, his novel The Exorcist wasn't...William Peter Blatty
The perilous journey across the Mexican-American b...Gregory Nava
Why is everyone chasing Cary Grant - or trying to ...Alfred Hitchcock
Murnau's prototype vampire movie is a rich, strang...FW Murnau
One of Hitchcock's nastiest and most effective thr...Alfred Hitchcock
No actress fought harder to get the parts she said...Irving Rapper
Unforgettably powerful study of a Jewish family th...Caroline Link
Monumentally enjoyable Vegas caper, based on the R...Steven Soderbergh
Reed's imaginary Belfast in [FILMTITLE] is as phan...Carol Reed
An elegantly salacious Russian portrait of 20th ce...Aleksei Balabanov
Worker drones fighting stapler wars years before T...Mike Judge
After 15 years of imprisonment in a dank room, a m...Park Chan-wook
Despite Polanski's recent version, this is still t...David Lean
Bunuel, in Mexican exile from Francoist Spain, had...Luis Bunuel
In her summing-up of the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, Len...Leni Riefenstahl
Coming across like an action-oriented version of T...Richard Donner

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