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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 23: Mo-Na)?

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Moody psychological thriller adapted from a Simeno...Patrice Leconte
Set among Delhi's burgeoning middle class, Nair's ...Mira Nair
If Life of Brian was the Pythons' most fully conce...Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
In the petty, crummy atmosphere of 70s Britain, ju...Terry Jones
The final film of Ousmane Sembene, known as the fa...Ousmane Sembene
An existential mood poem, set between a dead-end S...Lynne Ramsay
An experimental marathon drama about a ménage a tr...Jean Eustache
Loosely based on the life of Mughal emperor Akbar ...K Asif
David Lynch, as anyone familiar with his movies ca...David Lynch
Quirky Oz humour can often be hit or miss, but thi...PJ Hogan
Supremely affecting documentary portrait of archit...Nathaniel Kahn
Bitter strands of scathing anti-Thatcherism are wo...Stephen Frears
Judy Davis gives a complex performance as the prec...Gillian Armstrong
This harsh evocation of childhood in the 1940s Sco...Bill Douglas
Not the most accurate, but certainly the most poet...John Ford
Over a lavish dinner, Wallace Shawn and Andre Greg...Louis Malle
Deeply romantic musical, with Audrey Hepburn as th...George Cukor
Daniel Day-Lewis raised the bar for method actors ...Jim Sheridan
Hallstrom made his name with earnest homages to In...Lasse Hallstrom
A devout Catholic (Jean Louis Trintignant) falls f...Eric Rohmer
Working-class teenager Mona (Natalie Press) forms ...Pawel Pawlikowski
Disturbing study of misanthropy and misogyny in ea...Mike Leigh
The gag-packed style of David Zucker and his writi...David Zucker
One of Hammer's less blood-soaked productions, The...Seth Holt
Yes, Robert Flaherty may have cheated: making fly-...Robert J Flaherty
What can Abel Gance do with the camera next? Put i...Abel Gance
This knits together the lives of 24 characters as ...Robert Altman

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