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QUIZ: Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 20: La-Lo)?

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Blue-eyed and beautiful, Peter O'Toole plays the f...David Lean
Life through the bottom of a bourbon bottle. Arriv...Mike Figgis
The ultimate Finnish rock'n'roll road movie. After...Aki Kaurismaki
Besson's contribution to the momentarily fashionab...Luc Besson
Visconti, the Marxist aristocrat, was destined to ...Luchino Visconti
Leigh zeroes in on the minutiae of life's mundanit...Mike Leigh
Malle's debut film is a masterclass in early Nouve...Louis Malle
Schrader's poetic partner to his American Gigolo, ...Paul Schrader
Chaplin's turn as a faded, forgotten clown allows ...Charlie Chaplin
Picking up steam after 1998's Out of Sight, Soderb...Steven Soderbergh
Aliens arrive in New York to feed off its downtown...Slava Tsukerman
An epic anti-western that busily debunks the myths...Arthur Penn
Like The Public Enemy, [FILMTITLE] depends on it...Mervyn LeRoy
Who said Ruth Rendell adaptations had to be staid ...Pedro Almodóvar
The title works in many ways, as this German Oscar...Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
A movie that did a big favour for Scottish tourism...Bill Forsyth
Subtitled A Story of the London Fog and based on t...Alfred Hitchcock
The following year's Star Wars not only made the s...Michael Anderson
Anouk Aimée turns on the charm in Demy's debut fil...Jacques Demy
Adapted by Nabokov from his own novel, this censor...Stanley Kubrick
Fascinating curio about one man's attempt to get a...Patrick Keiller
A thoughtful, affecting contemporary western with ...David Miller
A state-of-the-nation movie about the manners and ...John Mackenzie
Altman revamped the detective noir by relocating p...Robert Altman
Tolkien's fantasy epic was widely held to be unfil...Peter Jackson, 200
Strange as it is to see a making-of documentary wi...Keith Fulton And Louis Pepe
Two people are lost, and they find each other, alb...Sofia Coppola

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