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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 19: Ki-La)?

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An inscrutable Christopher Walken emerges from pri...Abel Ferrara
The apotheosis of film noir, all insanely skewed a...Robert Aldrich
Two-hander set in a cell in a never-named Latin Am...Hector Babenco
An out-of-his-element Ohio cop and a NYC call-girl...Alan J. Pakula
The terse dynamism that would spill out in Polansk...Roman Polanski
Hypnotic portrayal of collective life on Earth in ...Godfrey Reggio
Japan's most expensive production when it was rele...Masaki Kobayashi
A brilliant feat of compression, neatly gutting, s...Curtis Hanson
Before her flair for the dark and the disturbing w...Claude Goretta
Malle's slow-burning account of the political and ...Louis Malle
Sturges's evergreen comic masterpiece about a sexy...Preston Sturges
Delicious Ealing comedy of the blackest hue, featu...Alexander Mackendrick
In which downtrodden villagers must win a cricket ...Ashutosh Gowariker
A rollicking adventure that mixes Nazis, submarine...Kevin Connor
Deception, betrayal, trust and loyalty mesh into o...Ray Lawrence
Menzel's oblique allegory on the failure of social...Jirí Menzel
You could think of this fictionalised take on the ...Gus Van Sant
A Jewish theatre manager hides in the basement of ...Francois Truffaut
Certainly [FILMTITLE] that Universal's newly fo...Dennis Hopper
A double nostalgia trip today, this masterful mino...Peter Bogdanovich
In the story of a Russian mother and son forced to...Pawel Pawlikowski
Linda Fiorentino sinks her teeth so deeply into he...John Dahl
The auteur here is as much Brando as Bertolucci, i...Bernardo Bertolucci
At a rococo chateau, a man tries to convince a bea...Alain Resnais
The sophisticated hit of 1944, with a detective wh...Otto Preminger
The heist movie, Ealing style, with Alec Guinness ...Charles Crichton
Almodóvar's breakthrough film was ground-breaking ...Pedro Almodóvar

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