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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 18: Ja-Ki)?

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The Latin American renaissance's most zealous aest...Carlos Reygadas
Virtually a one-man special-effects crew, Ray Harr...Don Chaffey
After all these years Spielberg's story of a kille...Steven Spielberg
Steve Martin's first starring role finds him on a ...Carl Reiner
Crowe pulls out all the stops in his effort to mak...Cameron Crowe
Told as a series of still, black-and-white photogr...Chris Marker
Freudian western; abstract-impressionist western; ...Nicholas Ray
Carne's existential thriller opens with Jean Gabin...Marcel Carne
Jarman captures the art-school ethos of punk befor...Derek Jarman
Captivating love triangle involving Austrian Jules...Francois Truffaut
Baloo the Bear and Bagheera the Panther teach manc...Wolfgang Reitherman
Jaws' greatest strength might have been hiding the...Steven Spielberg
Wajda cannibalised his own experiences as a resist...Andrzej Wajda
An enigmatic movie from the Iranian arthouse maste...Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Ralph Macchio stars as a bullied kid who needs to ...John G. Avildsen
The ghost of a missing child haunts Kerrigan's spa...Lodge Kerrigan
In the absence of an industry, Ken Loach means Bri...Ken Loach
Larry Clark reworked the teensploitation movie of ...Larry Clark
Italian neo-realism, enhanced with bleakly poetic ...Charles Burnett
This Hong Kong thriller set a new standard in cine...John Woo
Siodmak's noir visions always harked back, more ev...Robert Siodmak
Shapeless yet utterly compelling Cassavettes melod...John Cassavetes
The movie that put Kubrick on the map, a geometric...Stanley Kubrick
Perhaps the most acidic of all the Ealing comedies...Robert Hamer
Go to Skull Island. Face down the 'natives'. Survi...Merian C Cooper, Ernest B Schroedsack
A thunderous Soviet adaptation of Shakespeare's po...Grigori Kosintzev
Robert De Niro is cruelly brilliant as aspiring co...Martin Scorsese

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