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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 17: If-Ja)?

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Anderson's public-school rebellion fantasy benefit...Lindsay Anderson
Sandwiched by Rashomon and Seven Samurai, this is ...Akira Kurosawa
If you've ever wondered what the point of Michael ...Michael Winner
Humphrey Bogart is a down-on-his-luck screenwriter...Nicholas Ray
Impassive debut from the darkly inclined writer-di...Neil Labute
Sidney Poitier was in habitually overachieving sup...Norman Jewison
It might be a non-romance between a mutually cucko...Wong Kar-wai
Political drama doesn't come any more emotionally ...Jim Sheridan
Eros and Thanatos in pre-war Japan: a groundbreaki...Nagisa Oshima
Michael Winterbottom's tough, impassive docu-drama...Michael Winterbottom
Giant mile-wide flying saucers have been a mainsta...Roland Emmerich
The Hong Kong original for Martin Scorsese's The D...Andrew Lau, Mak Siu Fai
An incredibly creepy adaptation of Henry James' Th...Jack Clayton
Issue movie is too cheap a term to describe this a...Michael Mann
Attempting to make up for the KKK-promoting Birth ...DW Griffith
Check the basement for pods! Space-spores steal th...Don Siegel
Hard on the heels of 1964's Zulu, Michael Caine de...Sidney J Furie
The restless Assayas has hopped between genres and...Olivier Assayas
Based on the Ted Hughes story, this cartoon about ...Brad Bird
Firebrand Gaspar Noé may be renowned for filming t...Gaspar Noé
Capra's screwball comedy sees Clark Gable's failed...Frank Capra
Jimmy Stewart is in despair until an apprentice an...Frank Capra
Swinging London's finest invade the Continent for ...Peter Collinson
Thin ice and 'skating on' spring to mind at the th...Sergei Eisenstein
A Hollywood tragedy made outside the Hollywood sys...Bernard Rose
The follow up to Pulp Fiction is decidedly less vi...Quentin Tarantino
A wonderfully moving tribute to Umbrellas of Cherb...Agnes Varda

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