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QUIZ: Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 15: Gr-He)?

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The prospect of repeating the same day over and ov...Harold Ramis
A small town ravaged long ago by a tornado is the ...Harmony Korine
John Dahl and Peggy Cummings are pistol-packing fu...Joseph H Lewis
One wonders what Sinatra and Brando made of each o...Joseph L. Mankiewicz
A powerful, timely drama about racial tensions and...Mathieu Kassovitz
A very wacky, romantic-comic fantasy about the fet...Patrice Leconte
Waters belatedly ambled into the mainstream with h...John Waters
Almost anaemic by today's gory standards, Carpente...John Carpenter
The title is ironic: in this deadpan freak show of...Todd Solondz
Hong Kong cult favourite that brought both directo...John Woo
The definitive rock'n'roll movie, and a perfect ex...Richard Lester
Bob Marley was dubbed 'the first third-world super...Perry Henzell
Ashby takes May-to-September romance to extremes (...Hal Ashby
Paul Newman's Lew [FILMTITLE] is a private eye in the R...Jack Smight
On-again-off-again director Wise at one of his hig...Robert Wise
A documentary that aims to debunk witchcraft but g...Benjamin Christensen
Bob Rafelson's psychedelic harbinger of the New Ho...Bob Rafelson
Heartfelt shout of rage from the Turkish-German fi...Fatih Akin
A daunting double-bill partner for Emile de Antoni...Peter Davis
Michael Mann's love of ultra-macho face-off dramas...Michael Mann
Winona Ryder is the odd girl out in her cruel, wel...Michael Lehmann
An $11m western that spiralled up to a $44m epic a...Michael Cimino
Kate Winslet's debut performance in a film that se...Peter Jackson
Sex-change surgery gone wrong has left Hedwig with...John Cameron Mitchell
Is it a movie? Is it a TV series? No-one is quite s...Edgar Reitz
This jazzy, snappy thriller from Hammer pits lonel...Val Guest
When's the last time anyone actually saw Hellzapop...HC Potter

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