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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Ex-Fl)?

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The special effects may have dated, but this class...William Friedkin
One of those films that you'd swear was made at le...Georges Franju
The casual suavity of the Bridges brothers was cau...Steve Kloves
A before-its-time satire said to prophesise the po...Elia Kazan
Fasten your seatbelt for exhilaratingly over-the-t...John Woo
Breezy and exciting homage to 1950s paranoid sci-f...Robert Rodriguez
However universally derided the Iraq war is now, M...Michael Moore
Long-lost Greene-Reed collaboration, which surface...Carol Reed
Perhaps the cinematic climax to Bergman entire car...Ingmar Bergman
Todd Haynes' lush simulacrum of Douglas Sirk's 195...Todd Haynes
Following the fortunes of two Beijing Opera perfor...Chen Kaige
The wit, the style and the drolly eccentric perfor...Joel Coen
Everybody here became a star, down to minor player...Amy Heckerling
Domineering women, fast cars, rape, murder, lesbia...Russ Meyer
In Fassbinder's hands, Douglas Sirk's All That Hea...Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Matthew Broderick is the slick teen top-cat who pl...John Hughes
A black-tie reunion descends into accusation and r...Thomas Vinterberg
A spiritually uplifting movie about a ghostly base...Phil Alden Robinson
A shamelessly overblown futuristic thriller, with ...Luc Besson
Edward Norton and Brad Pitt found some fizzing alp...David Fincher
Humphrey Jennings' best-known world war two docume...Humphrey Jennings
Ealing veteran Crichton helmed this sly transatlan...Charles Crichton
Lou Castel plays a teenage epileptic, simmering li...Marco Bellocchio
Herzog tried to cast Jack Nicholson, Mick Jagger a...Werner Herzog
Jack Nicholson plays Bobby, a randy oil-rig worker...Bob Rafelson
The hustlers, society darlings and drag queens of ...Paul Morrissey
Comic masterpiece about a furiously uptight manchi...David O Russell

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