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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Di-Dr)?

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Michael Caine and Steve Martin star as rival conme...Frank Oz
Buñuel was never an artist who needed big budgets ...Luis Buñuel
Davies' primal, poetic reimagining of his Liverpoo...Terence Davies
Stylishly convoluted 1980s cult thriller, set in P...Jean-Jacques Beneix
Banned in the UK for its extreme (for 1966) violen...Sergio Corbucci
Racial tensions in a Brooklyn neighbourhood combus...Spike Lee
He's ball-less, Cotton! [FILMTITLE]-less, that is. T...Rawson Marshall Thurber
Attica! Attica! The Al Pacino movie where you neve...Sidney Lumet
Stylish and inspirational account of the latchkey ...Stacy Peralta
The wind of change that Dogme ushered in emerged a...Lars Von Trier
Fellini's grand statement on the emptiness at the ...Federico Fellini
Legend-building portrait of a 23-year-old Bob Dyla...DA Pennebaker
A small figure in a red coat making its way along ...Nicolas Roeg
What Unforgiven is to the western, [FILMTITLE] i...Mike Newell
Afforded the status of instant cult classic by the...Richard Kelly
Beware the insurance man with wise cracks on his l...Billy Wilder
Feature-length extension of the Magic Roundabout u...Serge Danot
One of Melville's most painstaking homages to Amer...Jean-Pierre Melville
Jarmusch's absurdist style flourishes in this stor...Jim Jarmusch
Bruno Ganz makes a terrifyingly charismatic Hitler...Oliver Hirschbiegel
A delusional US general brings on nuclear apocalyp...Stanley Kubrick
David Lean is sometimes pigeon-holed as a purveyor...David Lean
Silky-smooth Christopher Lee makes an urbane blood...Terence Fisher
Arguably Greenaway's most accessible film, this el...Peter Greenaway
Powerful, naturalistic drama set in Lille about an...Erick Zonca
An extraordinary assemblage of avant-garde film-ma...Hans Richter
Albert Finney is a roaring, hard-drinking thesp of...Peter Yates

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