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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Ce-Co)?

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The film that kicked off Latin America's cinematic...Walter Salles
In Claude Chabrol, France's master of suspense, Ru...Claude Chabrol
Tony Richardson fashioned a MASH-like anti-war fil...Tony Richardson
Iconic running scenes accompanied by Vangelis scor...Hugh Hudson
Elegant, lavish, but emotionally understated satir...Satyajit Ray
Aardman's attempt to court America could have led ...Peter Lord, Nick Park
Sensual, shocking and deeply subversive, Buñuel an...Luis Buñuel
A superb Belgian film about a young man below soci...Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Classic 1970s neo-noir set in a glaring, sunbaked ...Roman Polanski
Pre-adolescence never really ended for lollipop-su...Miguel Arteta
Filmed in Wong Kar-Wai's typically uncontrolled fa...Wong Kar-Wai
[FILMTITLE] (as the title translates) was an apt met...Lucrecia Martel
Did for poker what The Hustler did for pool. Steve...Norman Jewison
A famous film-maker recalls his rapturous discover...Giuseppe Tornatore
Yes, it's bizarre that in a young medium the best ...Orson Welles
Meirelles brings the storytelling sass of Scorsese...Fernando Meirelles
The first and best instalment of Smith's ongoing s...Kevin Smith
Kubrick's notorious delinquent drama engaged with ...Stanley Kubrick
Spielberg's first trip around the extra-terrestria...Steven Spielberg
A beautiful comedy of boredom (gentle, tragic and ...Jiri Menzel
With minimal resources and considerable intelligen...Abbas Kiarostami
Director Amy Heckerling had done teen before, with...Amy Heckerling
Lacking as we do any filmed account of Led Zeppeli...Robert Frank
Ostensibly a biography of Sayat Nova, the 18th-cen...Sergei Paradjanov
Among the innumerable horrors of the second world ...Elem Klimov
An adult fairytale, adapted from Angela Carter, po...Neil Jordan
The last testament and only colour film of Bill Do...Bill Douglas

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