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QUIZ: Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Bl-Br)?

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It took an outsider to make the definitive Swingin...Michelangelo Antonioni
Hollywood sent Josef von Sternberg to Berlin, wher...Josef von Sternberg
Scripted by Raymond Chandler, and as taut a thrill...George Marshall
Britain's answer to the film noirs of the US: Dixo...Basil Dearden
Arguably the most accomplished film from one of Am...David Lynch
Raucous soul musical that ladles on the grand came...John Landis
Elder brother-mentor to the upstart Nouvelle Vague...Jean-Pierre Melville
Almost everyone involved in this blank-verse noir ...Robert Rossen
Good breeding shows in this wonderful Spanish-lang...Carlos Sorin
A controversial, groundbreaking mix of romantic lo...Arthur Penn
A dazzlingly ambitious and surprisingly affecting ...Paul Thomas Anderson
One of the small number of foreign-language movies...Wolfgang Pedersen
Fearless exposé of American values, or numb-nuts b...Larry Charles
One of Fleischer's series of memorably creepy true...Richard Fleischer
Exquisitely understated murder mystery about a but...Claude Chabrol
Moore at his mightiest, contesting that great Amer...Michael Moore
John Singleton was just 23 when he directed this p...John Singleton
Fun and watchable scaling-up of the cheesy TV show...Betty Thomas
It's always entertaining to see a genre director b...Seijun Suzuki
Mel Gibson may have mangled history in his own uni...Mel Gibson
While Gilliam's well-publicised struggle to get hi...Terry Gilliam
Truman Capote's story of a free spirit adrift in N...Blake Edwards
Likely a favourite in the Lance Armstrong househol...Peter Yates
A modern-day melodrama that functions like an emot...Lars von Trier
The quintessential Nouvelle Vague romantic thrille...Jean-Luc Godard
A teenager plays gumshoe after his girlfriend goes...Rian Johnson
The Monster has mellowed, learned to speak, and is...James Whale

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