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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films before you die (Part 36: Vi-Wi)?

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Godard seems influenced in equal measure by Brecht...Jean-Luc Godard
One of cinema's strangest and most uncanny love st...Roberto Rossellini
Four down-and-outs must drive a convoy of nitro-gl...Henri Georges Clouzot
The dependably oily Michael Douglas offers up a ti...Oliver Stone
A nightmare scenario nobody wanted to think about:...Peter Watkins
Ultimate cold war hacker fantasy disguised as a te...John Badham
Hill's vision of New York youth gangs may not be e...Walter Hill
A fantastic, sprawling melodrama that is among mos...DW Griffith
Two metal slackers host a cult cable show until th...Penelope Spheeris
Hungarian director Bela Tarr is famous, or notorio...Bela Tarr
There are people who still say the stage show was ...Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise
Bogdanovich's homage to the screwball comedies of ...Peter Bogdanovich
Following years of public feuding, ageing screen l...Robert Aldrich
Kusturica really put himself on the map with this,...Emir Kusturica
Arguably the last pitch-perfect romantic comedy ma...Rob Reiner
The natural cinematic charisma of Muhammad Ali shi...Leon Gast
Sneering Nazis, impregnable fortresses, imprisoned...Brian G Hutton
Few films portray kids as single minded as this. A...Jafar Panahi
Nearly 20 years after his first gangster roles, Ji...Raoul Walsh
The Chinatown of animation uses the famous postwar...Robert Zemeckis
A censor-baiter that hastened the collapse of the ...Mike Nichols
One to bring out the inner pagan in us all. This h...Robert Hardy
Peter Fonda won his counterculture spurs as the ou...Roger Corman
Peckinpah's great western is a strictly a last-cha...Sam Peckinpah
Source of the postwar biker mystique, [FILMTITLE]...László Benedek
Opens with one of the best dream sequences in cine...Ingmar Bergman
Bardolaters might not approve of the camp excess, ...Baz Luhrmann

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