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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films before you die (Part 35: Tr-Vi)?

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Listen for the sound of the typewriters. Orson Wel...Orson Welles
As much a triumph of Riefenstahl's will as Hitler'...Leni Riefenstahl
When the 80s weren't sending android assassins bac...Steven Lisberger
Satirical romantic comedy about an affluent middle...Bertrand Blier
Is he a time traveller or suffering a psychotic ep...Terry Gilliam
Affectionate and evocative drama about the rise an...Michael Winterbottom
The Driver, the Mechanic, the Girl, GTO: the road-...Monte Hellman
The ambition of Kubrick's sci-fi picture is still ...Stanley Kubrick
A haunting fable about the vanity of human wishes,...Kenji Mizoguchi
A wartime romance told entirely in song - somethin...Jacques Demy
Now sadly overshadowed by lead actor Adrienne Shel...Hal Hartley
One of the performances that launched the movie ca...Carine Adler
The latest, maybe greatest phase of the icon's car...Clint Eastwood
Harrowing recreation of the hijacking of the fourt...Paul Greengrass
Incorruptible cop Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner) trie...Brian De Palma
A scriptwriter's tour de force for Christopher McQ...Bryan Singer
A beautiful and sad movie that attains a clarity a...Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Gérard Dépardieu and Patrick Dewaere play two crim...Bertrand Blier
Sluizer plays most of the typical thriller cards e...George Sluizer
A brilliantly compelling killer-on-the-run thrille...Shohei Imamura
Set in dreary postwar Britain, this impeccably-act...Mike Leigh
[FILMTITLE]'s present prominence within Hitchcock's oe...Alfred Hitchcock
Dirk Bogarde, the 'Idol of the Odeons' of 1950s Br...Basil Dearden
In hiring the young James Woods, Cronenberg had fo...David Cronenberg
With nothing more spectacular than a few blonde wi...Wolf Rilla
Beat Takeshi's directorial breakthrough stars hims...Takeshi Kitano
Invited back to his native, now-Fascist Spain in 1...Luis Buñuel

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