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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films before you die (Part 34: Th-Tr)?

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Purists may argue over the greatest Bond movie, bu...Terence Young
The story may borrow rather heavily from George Or...George Lucas
A combination of magical romance and down-to-earth...Emir Kusturica
Detached yet emotional, this French drama that mak...Laurent Cantet
Ruiz's brilliant account of the final volume of Pr...Raoul Ruiz
Arguably the masterwork of modern Taiwanese cinema...Hou Hsiao-Hsien
With this boldly experimental picture, Figgis show...Mike Figgis
Allegorical epic set in interwar Germany, revolvin...Volker Schlöndorff
Triumphant director James Cameron declared at the ...James Cameron
A brilliantly pointed comedy from Lubitsch, bringi...Ernst Lubitsch
No one doubts that the US fought the second world ...Howard Hawks
From the Harper Lee novel, the story of how Atticu...Robert Mulligan
Great Swedish feelgood movie. Moodysson's acutely ...Lukas Moodysson
A stylised yakuza thriller swinging to the beat of...Seijun Suzuki
The great Japanese director's masterpiece. Full of...Yasujiro Ozu
Henry Fielding's bawdy, big-hearted 18th-century n...Tony Richardson
The Who's deranged rock opera depicting a deaf, du...Ken Russell
Testosterone-charged valentine to the macho world ...Tony Scott
The only way they could sell this hard-to-categori...Alejandro Jodorowsky
Sex, drugs, violence, corruption, a lurid border t...Orson Welles
It clocks in at a fearsome 3 hours 20 minutes and ...King Hu
A gripping true-life story about friendship, survi...Kevin Macdonald
Genius computer effects are matched by a witty scr...John Lasseter
Rousing war movie that still stirs the blood. Burt...John Frankenheimer
Shocking and funny by turns, this exhilarating tra...Danny Boyle
On location in Mexico, it looks and feels rough as...John Huston
First-time director Buscemi ruminated on what migh...Steve Buscemi

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