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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films before you die (Part 32: St-Ta)?

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On the face of it an entertaining alien-bug movie,...Paul Verhoeven
One reason why we don't get too much slapstick com...Charles Reisner
The combined star power of Robert Redford and Paul...George Roy Hill
Fellini's moving, Oscar-winning parable, set in a ...Federico Fellini
Dubbed by Jarmusch as 'Yasujiro Ozu directs an epi...Jim Jarmusch
Robert Walker's suave psychopath approaches Farley...Alfred Hitchcock
Unfairly bracketed with gore-worshipping shockers ...Sam Peckinpah
The elemental entity that was Marlon Brando got fi...Elia Kazan
The story of an aspiring ballroom dancer who finds...Baz Luhrmann
Sturges gave us his comic philosophy here, in one ...Preston Sturges
German director Murnau came to America and made Su...FW Murnau
In Billy Wilder's procession of Hollywood masterwo...Billy Wilder
If Gordon Parks's Shaft was the exemplary blaxploi...Gordon Parks Jr
Fawned over by Bryan Singer in last year's remake,...Richard Donner
A refreshing reflection on dating mores that is mo...Rob Reiner
Set in a ballet school that is secretly a coven of...Dario Argento
Ingenious but disorienting thriller that is a film...Scott Mcgehee, David Siegel
A small community suffers the loss of all but one ...Atom Egoyan
A coruscating rat-fink ballet, between Burt Lancas...Alexander Mackendrick
Sweet Sweetback - the first blaxploitation film - ...Melvin Van Peebles
Burt Lancaster, drinker and madman, 'swims' home o...Frank Perry
Smooth-talking lounge lizard Vince Vaughan attempt...Doug Liman
In Sargent's ingenious, headlong thriller about a ...Joseph H Sargent
The Starewiczs took ten years to complete their as...Irene and Wladyslaw Starewicz
A psychological thriller with a touch of grown-up ...Anthony Minghella
A Japanese one-off that speaks the international l...Juzo Itami
Kiarostami produced his masterpiece with this eleg...Abbas Kiarostami

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