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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films before you die (Part 31: Sm-St)?

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British realism got a punch-in-the guts reboot in ...Gillies Mackinnon
Anthony Newley in an X-rated thriller? It happened...Ken Hughes
Belying his reputation as a Scandinavian gloom-mon...Ingmar Bergman
The great personal, hands-on masterpiece of Walt D...David Hand
Tarkovsky's 160-minute science-fiction fable is ge...Andrei Tarkovsky
One of Hollywood's all-time great comedies arrange...Billy Wilder
Evolving away from his early directorial efforts, ...Takeshi Kitano
Fusing deadpan northern European humour with momen...Roy Andersson
Finely drawn adaptation of DH Lawrence's loosely a...Jack Cardiff
Moretti's multi-award-winning drama studied the ef...Nanni Moretti
Landmark four-and-a-half-hour documentary chronicl...Marcel Ophüls
Who would have imagined a film even existed of Ern...Frank Hurley
Canada, Saddam Hussein, military recruitment, poli...Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Astonishing hybrid of a movie, filmed by a team of...Mikhail Kalatozishvili
In the 1970s, even the old stagers went nuts. Not ...Richard Fleischer
One of the best of the 1990s US indies. One hot su...David O Russell
Later disowned by Kubrick, who hated not originati...Stanley Kubrick
Nerve-racking high-concept idea - if bus slows dow...Jan de Bont
The former horror maestro pulled off the coup of h...Sam Raimi
Still-effective chiller about a mute woman victimi...Robert Siodmak
Erice's extraordinary debut focuses on a post-civi...Victor Erice
Lost in an enchanted forest, and with her parents ...Hayao Miyazaki
Take a trip on the wheel of life with this unique ...Ki-Duk Kim
A resplendent feather in the cap of Roger Moore ap...Lewis Gilbert
If The Breakfast Club was the birth of the Brat Pa...Joel Schumacher
In this smooth adaptation of a Stephen King short ...Rob Reiner
Nothing divides filmgoers and writers more than th...George Lucas

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