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German director Murnau came to America and made [FILMTITLE], a film that s ...1927
Capra's screwball comedy sees Clark Gable's failed reporter, desperate for ...1934
It's the American civil war, with Vivien Leigh stepping forward to be Scarl...1939
The first project Selznick gave to Hitchcock when the director came to Amer...1940
Rick's Cafe is in Burbank, not north Africa, and Paul Henreid got his scar ...1942
Gene Kelly is a would-be painter in Paris - because it's the country that i...1951
Two brothers in the back of a New York cab, Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando, ...1954
Forget the bloated and soulless exercises in logistics-management that are ...1957
Thank heavens for leetle girls, sings twinkly Maurice Chevalier: not sure h...1958
The epic movie as originally intended - a life-or-death battleground in whi...1959
Wilder's entry in The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit stakes, following corpor...1960
There are people who still say the stage show was the only way to see it, b...1961
Blue-eyed and beautiful, Peter O'Toole plays the flamboyant first world war...1962
Henry Fielding's bawdy, big-hearted 18th-century novel, joyously recreated ...1963
Deeply romantic musical, with Audrey Hepburn as the cockney flower girl str...1964
Sidney Poitier was in habitually overachieving super-black-man mode for thi...1967
At the vanguard of the raw, disaffected, auteur-led films that saw off the ...1969
Archetypal tough-guy policier that cemented Friedkin's reputation in the ea...1971
The potency of the organised-crime genre was massively re-established by th...1972
The combined star power of Robert Redford and Paul Newman conspires to reli...1973
If he'd never made another movie, the cult of Jack Nicholson might have end...1975
A bittersweet Manhattan romantic comedy fuelled by baby-boomer angst. Some ...1977
Along with Apocalypse Now, this shattering film remains American cinema's m...1978
Iconic running scenes accompanied by Vangelis score. The film tells the tru...1981
Peter Shaffer's smash stage-play, imagining a plot to murder Mozart. F Murr...1984
Oliver Stone's grunt's-eye view of Vietnam, concentrating as much on boredo...1986
Anthony Hopkins' breakthrough into the super-league was secured by his wild...1991
The latest, maybe greatest phase of the icon's career began with an interes...1992
Mel Gibson may have mangled history in his own unique and self-serving way ...1995
A rich adaptation job from Michael Ondaatje's novel by writer-director Ming...1996
Triumphant director James Cameron declared at the Oscars that he was 'king ...1997
Crisply written, lustrous-looking satire on the American Dream. Kevin Space...1999
Russell Crowe is a suitably meaty presence in this sword-and-sandals specta...2000
Considerably superior to writer Paul Haggis's subsequent directorial debut ...2004

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