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Can you name the Louis Theroux documentary that features these...unique...people?

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Bo Gritz, Mike Oehler, 'Almost Heaven'
Pastor Fred Phelps and family
Al Sharpton, Khalid Mohammad, Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge
Marcus & Joni Lamb, 'The Family'
Playboy Nolan, David Silver, Deborah (Transgender)
Tom Metzger, Skip, Lynx & Lamb
Sarge, The AIWF, Angry Awesome Alan
Majestik Magnificent, Uri Gellar, Joe Jackson
Deepak, Ganapathi Sachchidananda, Amma
Fritz Meyer, Eugene Terreblanche
Thor Templar, Reverend Robert Shaw, 'Korton'
Master P, Mello T, Reece & Bigelow
J.J, Rob Black, Jim South
Eddie Pepitone, Nicole Greenwood, Craig Revel Horwood
Win Paris, Anthony Sullivan, Billy Mays
Ronnie Conrad, Lake Palmer, Lawrence Lynch

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